Walking Desk Video

You've Got to See This Walking Desk Video

You won't believe how easy and relaxing it is to walk at your desk

As a Rebel Desk customer says:

"After three weeks of walking my office chair has been banished to a corner, where it has become basically a coat rack. I think I'm walking about 3 to 5 miles a day... my neck, shoulders, and back are less achy, and I feel energized after long bouts of computer work."

You can see why a treadmill desk is the perfect option for anyone looking to add health and wellness to their workday. The sitting lifestyle can put a damper on your productivity, energy and even your creativity. Get out of the rut and back to working effectively by pushing your chair aside. Even better, get on your feet and start walking! Numerous studies have shown that walking desks have positive benefits, especially compared to being in a chair. 

Productivity has been shown to increase by one point on a ten point scale. Employees burn an extra 7-8% more calories a day using a walking desk instead of a chair. Walking desks boost work performance by 35% in one study. The study participants found that they were better at paying attention while walking. An EEG found that the participants had more brain activity associated with memory and attention during their walking time.

The results are so good that top companies like Google, Humana, Microsoft, and Capital One have provided walking desks their employees. Even our very favorite late night show host, Jimmy Kimmel has a walking desk that he touts when he has the chance!

What makes walking and working so powerful is how it wakes up the body and the brain. When you're walking, you engage your muscles and get the blood flowing for proper circulation. Improved blood flow and oxygen flow also helps the brain perform better. Just like some people get their best ideas when going for a run, now you can get your best ideas when going for a walk at your Rebel Desk.

As you saw in the walking desk video, the Rebel Desk was designed to let you stroll at a leisurely pace. The maximum speed of the treadmill is 2 mph, so you won't be working up a sweat. The desk that fits over the treadmill can be adjusted to the perfect height for whoever is working at the desk. The treadmill can slide right underneath the desk with no assembly required.

If you're searching for the perfect option for your office, that is not only affordable, but has superior quality, outstanding warranties and heaps of positive customer reviews, look no further than Rebel Desk. We're sure we have the perfect walking desk for you!