Under Desk Treadmill Base

Turn your standing desk into a treadmill desk, instantly!

Under desk treadmill makes a standing desk a treadmill desk.


If you have a standing desk, it's time to upgrade to a treadmill desk!

Standing and working is a great alternative to sitting all day. But did you know that you can give yourself a third option for how to work? You're not limited simply to sitting or standing. With the Rebel Treadmill 1000 you can add walking as another option - and one full of amazing benefits for your mind and body!

Think it will be a big hassle to create a treadmill desk? Think again! The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is designed to easily slide underneath a standing desk - instantly converting it into a treadmill desk. Just plug it in and go!

Many people find that it is easier to work while walking at a desk treadmill rather than standing. When your brain is engaged by physical activity, it actually can help you think and focus more clearly on the tasks at hand. Plus you reap the calorie-burning and muscle-building benefits of logging several miles a day on an under desk treadmill! Did you know you can burn three times as many calories just by walking on a treadmill?

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is the perfect size and design to turn a standing desk into a treadmill desk. Our under desk treadmill was designed specifically for a home or business office space and its user. With speed ranges of 0.5 mph to 2 mph, we keep treadmill walkers at a safe pace. It’s large enough to walk on, but more compact than a typical running treadmill you’d find at a gym. Our under desk treadmill also and has a clear, easy to use console that takes up little space on your desktop.

Stay close to your controls, walk at comfortable speeds, and adjust easily to movement while typing and talking. Nobody wants to sweat at work anyway! Our under desk treadmill is the solution that people who want to be productive and burn calories love when they’re looking for active working options for their offices.

Stay Healthy With an Under Desk Treadmill

Are you afraid of your chair? You should be.

It’s doing a lot more harm to you then good. The popular saying today is that “sitting is the new smoking" and when it comes to the potential long-term damage to your health - its true!

Sitting has been associated with increased mortality (i.e. an early grave) and, higher risk of cardiovascular disease regardless of the sitter's physical activity level. Prolonged sitting also is associated with metabolic disorders, higher incidence of cancer, and increased risk of obesity. These negative effects can take hold quickly, too. A study of healthy, relatively young men showed that their bodies became worse at processing fats and sugars after just two weeks of reduced number of steps during the day.

The good news is that scientists and doctors understand the risks of sitting, and now we can take the next steps to reduce the amount of couch potato time that starts as early as 9 AM every single day. With an under desk treadmill, incorporating walking into your day will make many improvements to your health. Just by dropping the amount of time you sit every day, you can expect to see results. Life expectancy can increase by 2 years when sitting is limited to 3 hours a day. The risk of developing heart disease can drop by 33% just by walking the equivalent of 10 blocks a day. Walking also can increase production of new brain neurons and slow the natural shrinking of the brain that occurs with age. Add in decreased risk of blood clots and reduced back pain, and you’ve got an amazing health solution just by using an under desk treadmill!

mini treadmill for desk makes this a treadmill desk

Benefits of an Under Desk Treadmill

What are the benefits to keeping your feet moving throughout the day? Simply put, under desk treadmills have been shown to increase metabolism and keep weight gain down. They’ve also been associated with increased productivity, focus, and energy. Rebel Desk customers have shared their experiences with us, and many have lost pounds, even during busy holidays with endless potlucks.

If you’re on the lookout for an under desk treadmill, consider your current desk setup as well. If you currently only have a sitting desk, you might want to look for the perfect combination of adjustable height desk with treadmill. If you already have a standing desk, if it is not adjustable, consider the step-up height of the treadmill (ours is 4.5 inches off the ground), and make sure that ergonomically is comfortable for you. If you’re working at a ergonomically wrong position, you can cause injury and discomfort if you’re using the wrong type of desk. 

Quality Under Desk Treadmill Without the Hefty Price 

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 uses the same high-quality brand of motor and motor controller as other leading brands, but for hundreds of dollars less. Why pay more when you’re getting top quality at an affordable price. No hidden fees, always free shipping, and a great warranty on our products.

Don't take our word for it though, read reviews like these from our many happy customers: “The Rebel Treadmill was easy to set-up and use right out of the box. It is so nice to not sit all day at work. Everyone comments how quiet the treadmill is, and I can easily log 6 or more miles a day.” 

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A Re-Imagined, Stylish Treadmill Base

Your office space is where you spend a good portion of your day. You might have visitors, meetings, conference calls, and you want your space to reflect you and your style. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks just to be able to have an option to walk at work. A treadmill desk should blend in and stand out at the very same time.

Our products were designed for the office, not the gym. We have the sleekest treadmill desk design out there with one beautiful stainless silver treadmill for any style office.

You feel like you spend a lot of time sitting, but have you ever took the time to add up the hours? Spend the next few days marking off all the times you sat in a chair and see how quickly they add up. You might be surprised to find out that you’re doing a lot more sitting than you expected.

Rebel Desk has your solution. Get your steps in with Rebel Desk’s under desk treadmill. Increase your calorie burn rate throughout the day, boost your metabolism, and keep those extra pounds away! Win those FitBit competitions between your office mates and your friends.

Reach Your Goals with a Rebel Desk 

Leading health professionals agree that movement and variety are keys to keeping healthy on the job. Walk. Stand. Sit a little. So how many desks do you need? With Rebel Desk you have the flexibility to do it all at one desk. Walk on our uber quiet under desk treadmill base and take a break and stand when you need to.

Rebel Desk gives you flexibility to pick the best way to work at any moment. All while having the smallest footprint of any walking desk solution.

Design your own complete solution today!