Treadmill Desks: Slow and Steady Wins the Day

TechCrunch writer, John Biggs, featured his experience using the Rebel Treadmill 1000 here. John was happy with his adjustment to using a walking treadmill under his standing desk. He even lost a few pounds, despite admittedly indulging over the Thanksgiving holiday.

We wanted to highlight one part of John's experience: his surprise at enjoying the slow pace of treadmill desk walking. John noted:

The treadmill starts very slowly at first and then speeds up to your desired pace. The hardcore will probably balk at the Rebel's top speed [2 mph] - I thought I would, too - but I'm OK with going at a pace that won't leave me winded as I work.

With other Rebel Desk users, we've seen the same reaction. Folks think that they are going to want to walk faster than 2 mph but then they realize that slow and steady is better when it comes to a treadmill desk.

Walking at a slow pace has several advantages over a fast pace:

1. You can type with greater accuracy.

2. You can control the mouse more easily.

3. You won't be out of breath, especially for phone calls.

4. You won't be sweaty, which is especially important if you're in your work clothes.

5. You can focus on the screen without getting a seasick feeling.

6. You can walk for longer stretches and/or more frequent intervals.

Some walking treadmills are designed to go up to 4 mph. This speed is not necessary and can make using a treadmill desk more difficult and even dangerous. We recently saw a video of some folks trying a treadmill desk for the time in their office and we were reminded of the perils of walking too fast at a treadmill desk. Some people were walking at least 3.5 mph, while trying to type and use the mouse. This is very difficult to do, especially for first-time users!

Rebel Desk staff have been using treadmill desks for quite awhile. Our average speed is 1.2 mph. We can put in several miles a day and burn hundreds more calories than siting. All while getting our work done and not needing a shower!

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