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Fast Company: Standing Work Stations Are Older Than You Think And Here To Stay

Click HERE to read the full article. "Rebel Desk CEO, Kathleen Hale says that Tory Johnson, a host on ABC's Good Morning America, has credited the Rebel Treadmill Desk she uses as a key factoring her recent weight-loss journey."

American City and Country: Look for more standing desks in the workplace in 2016

Click HERE to read the full article. "We polled our customers and found that 96 percent of those who have a Rebel Crank-Up adjustable desk for over five months still use it regularly. The adoption rate is significant when you compare this to a finding that 80 percent of people who join a gym quit going within five months."

RunHaven: Don't Just Stand- Walk!

Click HERE to read the full article. "This isn’t your typical treadmill — top speed is 2 mph — but it allows you to continue working seamlessly while gaining numerous health benefits."

The Guardian: Five Simple Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work

Click HERE to read the full article. "If you move around rather than just standing this helps to improve your heart, muscles and blood flow, says Kathleen Hale"

Muscle & Fitness: The Ultimate Standing Desk

Click HERE to read the full article. "Stand up to bad posture, back pain and the grim reeper himself with the M&F approved Rebel Desk."

PBS NewsHour: Tech Startups see gold in Baby Boomers' golden years

Click HERE to read the full article. "Rebel Desk CEO, Kathleen Hale says that "Thirty-five percent of our customers are over the age of 45." Why Sitting is Bad for You and How to Avoid It

Click HERE to read the full article. "We simply were not designed to sit in chairs all day. We evolved to be upright and active. When we rise from our chairs, it’s like a wake-up call to our bodies. Standing requires more engagement of your muscles and gets your blood flowing."

Chase: Ditch Your Office Chair: Standing vs. Sitting

Click HERE to read the full article. "'Our bodies were designed to move,' says Hale, who left her own law practice to co-found Rebel Desk with her husband in the spring of 2013. 'When we sit in a chair all day, it doesn’t know what to do.'"

NY Post: Tory Johnson's Shift, Her Weight-Loss Tips to Keeping It Off, One Year Later

Click HERE to read the full article. "I traded my standard desk and chair (albeit nervously shaking when my comfy chair was carted away) for a Rebel Treadmill Desk. I now alternate between standing and walking all day. It’s easier than you’d imagine -- and it has become my new normal. This has been the best daily investment in my health and happiness."  

The View

Click HERE to watch the video. "Tory Johnson visits the set of The View to discuss her new book and how her Rebel Desk treadmill desk helped her lose weight and keep it off."

Good Morning America: What's it Really Like to Work at a Treadmill Desk

Click HERE to read the full article. "Standing, walking and working is my new normal. I’m happier than when I sat all day for the simple reason that I know I’m doing something that’s good for my health."

Huffington Post: Readin' Researchin' Writin' and the Tools to Make it Happen

Click HERE to read the full article. "One cannot spend hours a day twisted like a pretzel over a child’s school desk without repercussions, he told me. Pain being a tremendous motivator, I had a new glass-topped standing desk installed in my office before the week was out. I am enormously pleased with my new Rebel Desk."

Legal Bisnow: D.C. Lawyer Turned Treadmill Desk CEO

Click HERE to read the full article. "With a treadmill desk, you can avoid makeshift desks like this one we spotted (a stool perched on a rolling chair) or bringing in an exercise ball to sit on, like Kathleen did during her federal clerkship. Kathleen tells us her desks are sold entirely online; many buyers are from California, New York, and DC, and 8% are lawyers."

Washington Post: D.C.-Area Companies Rebel Desk and Stand Steady Want to Give You a Lift

Click HERE to read the full article. "The hours required to practice as an attorney were taking a toll on Kathleen Hale’s body and mood. So she and her husband invested in a treadmill desk for their Capitol Hill home. Her verdict? 'It made me feel so much better.'"

Forbes: Why Getting a Treadmill Desk is Good for Business

Click HERE to read the full article. "Getting a treadmill desk has made a significant impact on my daily productivity. I actually get a little sad when I sit down after walking for a few hours and that naturally made me curious. I got a treadmill desk because I knew that sitting at my computer wasn’t healthy for me, but I wasn’t expecting my productivity to rise so much. My output of work is remarkably higher when I’m walking, which was an unexpected benefit."

Washington Business Journal: Q&A with Kathleen Hale, co-Founder Rebel Desk

Click HERE to read the full article. "When Kaiser Permanente published a study last week linking sedentary behaviors to a higher heart failure risk, it only further validated what one D.C. company’s CEO, Kathleen Hale, has been saying all along: Sitting at work all day is bad."

 Well+Good NYC: A high-design treadmill desk?

Click HERE to read the full article. "More and more companies are adding healthy perks to their office environments, and treadmill desks are one way to really get employees moving. Except that if you’re a super-cool, start-up company, these walk-and-talk stations have tended to be, well, less than aesthetically pleasing. Rebel Desk is trying to change that with a new high-design approach that promises your Tory Burch flats will feel at home on its belt (although it might make more sense to wear your Nikes)."

Philly Mag: The Trendy Way to Stay Active at Work; A Sleeker, Redesigned Treadmill Desk

Click HERE to view the whole article. "Looks like the treadmill-desk designers of the world (that's obviously a real job) have come up with a few improvements to address exactly those gripes. The new wave of treadmill desks, reimagined by a company called Rebel Desk, are designed look a bit sleeker, with either glass or teak desktops, and they don't go more than two miles per hour, so you won't be sweating all over your important documents."

In The Capital: DC Startup Rebel Desk Wants You to Live Longer With a Treadmill Desk

Click HERE to view the whole article. "Sitting kills," said Joanna Stark, Rebel Desk's director of sales and marketing. "And right now we're sitting more than ever." By simply cutting out the amount of time you spend in a chair, studies prove that life longevity is increased."

Daily Herald: What You Need to Know About Working Standing Up

Click HERE to view the whole article. "Rebel Desk, created by a Washington couple, is one of the more affordable options for both the treadmill and desk."

TechCrunch, Gift Guide: Walk Your Way Into 2014

Click HERE to view the whole article. "As a convert to the standing desk lifestyle, I wondered just what I could do to further expand my alternative loafing lifestyle. To that end I brought a desk treadmill into the home, a decision that I have yet to regret. The model I'm trying, the Rebel desk Rebel Treadmill 1000 (a bold name, to be sure) . . . If anything I can report that I've been able to do a few miles a day at a steady, slow pace while still getting work done. Although, thanks to holiday dinners and lots of beer, the waistline has moved just about a pants size down, which is good enough for fat old me."

Cult of Mac: Rebel Desk Makes Standing or Sitting at Work Easy and Optional

Click HERE to view the whole article. "The Rebel Desk is a fantastic way to condition during the workday to be better prepared to follow up with more intense strength building if that’s your goal. Even if you don’t have a higher exercise goal, you will notice a difference in your hips, thighs, glutes, and core, very early on."