Will A Walking Desk Hamper Quality of Work?

With all of the research on the negative effects of sitting, you might be ready to might the leap (or stroll) to a walking desk. Perhaps you are wondering though whether a walking desk will impact the quality of your work.
I find that many folks have misconceptions of how they will use a walking desk, in part because walking desks often are called treadmill desks. The term “treadmill desk” conjures up images of running. Trust me, I would not be excited about a product that makes you run while typing an important email or talking on the phone with a client. Here is a fun illustration we’ve created to help dispel those misconceptions about a walking desk:

So even if you are walking, you might still wonder whether your work quality will be impacted. Based on my experience and conversations with many treadmill desk users, the answer definitely is no. But don’t take my word for it. Check out this study published in the journal Obesity that studied work quality for 36 employees who used a walking desk. After a minor adjustment period, “workplace performance exceeded baseline” performance levels for the participants in the study.
Another study recently published in the medical journal PLOS ONE confirmed this result and after one year of studying employees at walking desks, found significant boost in productivity.
This study aligns with our experiences– after a small adjustment to using a walking desk (usually less than one week), people are productive, motivated, and energized.
Have you found that to be the case for you?

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