Why Walking At Work Is Becoming A Norm

Ask most treadmill desk users: would you go back to sitting for 8 hours a day? Almost certainly they will say, no way. Never.

But what made these folks convert to a treadmill desk, and why are businesses adopting this new way to work?

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to commit to being healthier, then you might know the answer. Turns out that treadmill desks are a great way to stay healthy and fit even while putting in long hours on the job. Productivity also has been shown to increase with treadmill desk use, too. Businesses adopting treadmill desks for their employees see these values, as well as the importance of attracting talent with perks such as treadmill desks.

For many folks, a treadmill desk can be a way to meet those resolutions that often end up forgotten after a few weeks. It doesn’t take much to improve your health. In fact, as recently documented in The Exercise Cure, regular movement and exercise are as close to a wonder drug as you can get! As Bob Sallis, past president of the American College of Sports Medicine, has said:

“Lack of fitness is the public health epidemic of our time.”

As demands on our time increase and sedentary activity becomes a regular part of the workday, activity has taken a backseat. As the author of The Exercise Cure writes,

Having investigated the correlation between disease and fitness, I now believe that we can save billions of health care dollars by incentivizing movement.

Having a treadmill desk in the workplace and experiencing the benefits of it, can incentivize folks to step on it, day after day. Giving employees the opportunity to try something new, especially an object known for weight-loss, positive thinking, and decreased back pain, companies have jumped on the new wave of working.

In addition, companies want their employees at their healthiest, and creating an environment that fosters health and self-improvement makes treadmill desks one of the best work perks around.

Does your office have treadmill desks or standing desk options? We would love to know how your office has adapted the working while walking lifestyle!

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