Why Loving Your Job Matters Now More Than Ever Before

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Much ink has been spilled over how millennials are changing the workplace. The newest generation in the workforce doesn’t think they need to relinquish fun and freedom for 45 boring hours a week. The movie Office Space, although released in 1999, continues to be a cult classic describing the hum drum 9-5 office life. While Office Space still accurately satirizes the repetitive nature of work for many, eventually it will become the perfect example for how office life used to look. Here are some ways that the new generation is changing the nature of work office so it becomes a thing and a place that they love instead of loath.

1. Work at Home with Fido

We’re connected to our work, even when we’re not in the office. Most everyone has their work e-mails sync to their phone. It’s pretty normal to finish work projects in your home office after dinner with the family. Most interestingly, working out of the office part of the week, or exclusively from home has become more accepted. There has been a 35% increase in the last decade of people working from home. While working from home used to be only for those that were self-employed, we’re now finding private companies are looking for employees with a home office preference. If you love spending time with your family and your pets, you might really enjoy a career that allows for that flexibility.

Working at home with your furry friend has it's perks.

Working at home with your furry friend has it’s perks.

2. Trading a Paycheck for a New Venture 

We’ve all seen the story of the attorney turned professional clown. If you haven’t, here’s the link! While this person took a drastic change in his career for his sanity, it’s not uncommon to hear about millennials or other folks trying their luck at their own venture. Although filled with uncertainty and risk, the entrepreneurial path can be much more rewarding than clocking in and collecting a paycheck. The number of people taking a stab at being their own boss continues to rise. Just tune in to an episode of Shark Tank to see the wide range of businesses people are leaving their jobs behind for.

3. For the Less Risk Averse

Sure, lots of people are looking for the next big career move, but others are looking for a stable and rewarding career working for somebody else. Companies like Zappos and Google are known for their incredibly happy employees, and many companies are following their model to workplace happiness. Offering work perks like weekly office lunches, a generous vacation day standard, health and wellness programs, and treadmill desk workstations, entices quality professionals and increased employee happiness.

Our work/life balance is changing and evolving. We might be working more, but we’re also learning to work better. We’re realizing the importance of being healthy and happy while getting the job done. It’s exciting to see more people are choosing to love their jobs rather than just working for the weekend.


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