Why Companies NEED Healthy Employees!

Guest Post By Office Vibe Cofounder Jeffrey Fermin

When we talk about health, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Those people you see with abs on those magazines at the grocery store? The crossfit aficionados flexing and uploading new pics of their WOD’s at 6am?

Everyone has a different opinion on what is viewed as “good health,” but what does a healthy everyday employee look like?

We have to break the current mindset and stop thinking of health as an appearance, as opposed to a lifestyle. The reason why is simple: It’s affecting the way we work, live, and interact with others.

Why Is This A Problem?

The modern-day employee can have a “healthy” BMI, but still have habits that are detrimental to their body and mind. RebelDesk has plenty of insights on the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle and they are not exaggerating when they say that the way we treat our bodies can be deadly.

 The average person spends nearly their whole day sitting. Long commute while sitting down, long workday spent sitting down, and of course when they get home to unwind, they spend it sitting down.

 There are two reasons this is happening: The first being that the style of life has changed drastically in the past decades. People are overworked and it’s causing them to work harder and longer, with the intention of being productive — which is not the current case.

 A recent study showed that people in United States view activities like going out for a walk in the park, or taking the kids out to play, as a workout or physical activity, as opposed to leisure. In the 50’s and 60’s those were just everyday activities, not a “workout.”

 The second reason is because companies are not catering to the health needs of employees. When I talk about health needs, I’m not necessarily talking about insurance or anything like that. I’m talking about the person’s physical and mental wellness.

 An employee’s health is more than BMI, Ergonomics, or having a six pack. It’s about having a clear mind and being physically active enough to not be stressed or worried about your health. Remember, sound mind; sound body. You can’t have one without the other, so if you’re overwhelmed with work, you’re not going to be able to achieve physical wellness.

 Why Should Companies Invest In Employee Wellness?


Healthy Employees Are Insanely Productive

 Healthy employees are engaged workers meaning that they’re motivated to excel and keep doing their best to make sure that they are succeeding and that their team is productive.

 This isn’t just an opinion or observation, it is backed by lots of research by major organizations. Companies that begin workplace health initiatives will save a lot of money, as the return on investment for having healthy and engaged employees is massive. Healthy employees that don’t take that many sick days and are involved in their workplace will save a company millions of dollars.

 If you work in a fairly large office, you’ll probably notice that there are a couple of energetic employees that can’t sit down the whole day. They constantly have to be active or doing something. Make no mistake about it, those energetic types fit the engaged and healthy archetype.

 Companies of all sizes are doing their best to make sure to do what they can in order to ensure that their employees are healthy. We’re seeing a lot of new technology out in the market that’s changing the way people work and making the everyday employee active and healthy.

 We teamed up with Rebeldesk because we have several standing and adjustable desks throughout our office and we’ve seen the benefits. Having a piece of ergonomic equipment like this will help out with posture and allows us to work with more energy. Some employees live by it, while others (like myself) are “hybrid” users, as I like to sit and stand. And I know for a fact that whenever I have a call I like to do it standing or walking around, as it gives me that extra energy kick that I need to make my point over the phone or on the computer.

 Making a small change like this makes employees happier and more productive.

They’re Always Moving (Physically and Mentally)

Those crazy productive types (even introverts) always have their minds running. Thinking about their next big plan or idea.

 For the people that can’t stay put, it’ll probably be wise to invest in a treadmill desk as it’ll lead to more productivity on their end.  I was fortunate enough to try one of these out and felt how it can benefit me, especially if I’m in one of those calls that I had mentioned earlier.

 Productive employees know that their work is never over. When they finish one big task, they are either going to look back and perfect it, or they are going to focus on other tasks.

 Companies must maximize their efforts to keep these employees active physically, as it will maximize the person’s output, and allow them to come up with new ideas that will make them work better. 

Have The Ability To Motivate Others

Productive and healthy employees will not only get a lot out of themselves, but they will encourage the people around them to do better.

They want everyone around them to be performing equally, if not, better than them – or at least the great leaders do. In essence, healthy employees make for great leaders. They are the ones that put the team on their back and are able to get them out of a rut. If the company is performing well, these are the employees that are leading their department to prominence.

motivating-your-employeesSo, to define what I got started on earlier, a healthy employee isn’t someone that can do a lot of pull-ups, or wakes up early before work so they can get a good pump in, nor do they have a six pack. A healthy employee is someone who is active throughout the day and is able to keep a sound mind and body. Companies need them because they bring a lot to the office.

This person does what they can to make sure that their body and mind functions to the best of their abilities in order to keep doing great thing within the office.

 If you want to be healthy, start taking the small steps. Eat better, be active, live better. Use the right equipment to make sure that you can be the most productive person you can be. Don’t be scared to invest in something that will extend your life.


imagesJeffrey Fermin is one of the founders of Officevibe. With a goal of solving some of the major problems that still exist in the modern day workplace, he uses his knowledge to help organizations increase employee engagement.” 

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