When It Comes to New Year’s Resolutions, Keep it Simple

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We are six days into the New Year and here is what we’ve been reminded of: it can be hard to keep those resolutions!

We have the best intentions when we make that long list of resolutions, but life can get in the way of sticking to them. One of the best ways to make sure that you keep your resolutions is to keep them simple.

At Rebel Desk, we try to help people make a simple change: Sit Less. Move More. Using a treadmill desk or standing desk makes it easy to adjust to these changes. You remove the sitting cue and instead cue yourself to get up and change positions. With a sit/stand desk, you will be up and down throughout the day, rather than in your chair all day. With a treadmill desk, you can walk several miles and burn more calories compared to sitting. More people are realizing that sitting all day is not a healthy option and they want change. In fact, Yahoo Health News asked if 2015 will “be the year of the standing desk.

If your resolutions include ones to improve your health and well-being, you also need to check out Lisa Reed’s 10 Steps to a Health & Happy New You. Lisa is the founder of Lisa Reed Fitness and a world-renowned fitness expert, trainer, and motivator. What we love about Lisa’s 10 tips is that they are simple! (Okay, we also love that she included adding a standing or treadmill desk to the list!) Want to start living healthier and happier? Stop and take deep breaths, drink more water, and compliment yourself! Small changes like these can be the motivation you need to get out of your chair, take a walk, or hit the gym. To read all of Lisa’s awesome tips and get started yourself, click here.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, let us know how they are going!


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