What Your Fitness & Health Crazed Friend or Family Member Wants This Holiday Season

water bottles in assorted colors

The holiday season is everyone’s favorite time of year. Friends and family come from all over to spend important days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together. Potlucks, office parties, and the occasional “friendsgiving” or “Chrismakwanzika” get-together keep your weekends busy. With all the planning that is involved for the next month or so, figuring out holiday gifts can be the biggest challenge. If you have a family member or friend that is very health and fitness motivated, a caramel popcorn tin might not be the best gift for them! Here’s a small list of what to get that your favorite health and fitness motivated friend/spouse/sibling/parent for the holidays!

1. Dress Up Their Fitness Tracker. The super-popular FitBit might already be on their wrist, but if you’re looking for something to compliment the accessory, there’s lots of band colors to choose from, or even high fashion cover-ups for the rubber bracelet like this one from Tory Burch.

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2. A New Way To Shake. Smoothies and protein shakes on the daily after a work-out or run can be part of their routine. Here’s a new way to make a smoothy or shake. The Zoku slush and shake maker allows you to quickly make a yummy and cold healthy treat in a fun way. So easy to use and comes in cool colors, this is perfect for your Secret Santa!

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3. Stay Cool, Or Hot. While your favorite health nut might have tons of water bottles, the S’Well water bottle is known for keeping water extra cold or hot for hours. These super insulated bottles are perfect in every season, and come in really cool colors and textures!

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4. Snack on This. Monthly subscription boxes are so popular right now. Why not a gift that surprises them with something new every month? NatureBox sends healthy snacks, nuts, and fruit straight to your door. And this gift also gives to others. With every box delivered, one meal gets sent to fight hunger with Feeding America®.

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5. For The Workaholic, Fitnessaholic. It’s hard to work long hours and try to get some movement and exercise in for the day. If you’re listening to your spouse complain that they couldn’t find enough time at work to have lunch, a walking treadmill from Rebel Desk might be the perfect gift for them. They’ll be thankful for that gift every time they step into their office and onto their Rebel Desk!


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