What You Should Look For In An Office Treadmill

feet on treadmill desk

Getting settled into a new corner office? Just got the go-ahead to work from home 3 days a week? If you realized it’s time to update and upgrade your space, and you’re ready to take the plunge into purchasing an office treadmill, here are a few questions that you might want to ask during your search.

  1. Does it fit my look? You spend a lot of time in your office and you want it to feel comfortable – almost like a little sanctuary. If you work from home, then having a place to escape the demands of your house is especially important. If you’ve taken the time to outfit your zen space with bonsai plants on the window sill, and a cozy bed for your furry friend in the corner, why would you want to ruin that feng shui with a giant piece of exercise equipment. Your comfortable and stylish work zone should stay just that, even if you add an office treadmill. Look for an option that blends in with your furniture, rather than stands out like a piece of gym equipment. 
  2. Does it take up space? If you’ve never seen an office treadmill before, don’t judge the gym treadmill that goes up to 16 MPH and expect that in your corner office. Office treadmills are meant to go at a leisurely walking speed, so finding a treadmill with a smaller footprint is just fine. If you’ve never tried an office treadmill before, here’s a short guide to getting started.[divider style=”1″ align=”center” size=”normal” variant=”normal” dimension=”0px” color=”” scrolltext=””][/divider]
  3.  Can you move it around? Office treadmills can be heavy, but if you ever want to move it over, or even want to clean the   floor under it, you might want a treadmill you can maneuver on your own. Your colleagues might not want to keep assisting you in lifting a heavy treadmill all the time! There are treadmills, like the Rebel Treadmill 1000, that is not only lightweight at 88 pounds, but it also has convenient wheels in the front. If a mobile option is something important to you, check out that office treadmill. [divider style=”1″ align=”center” size=”normal” variant=”normal” dimension=”0px” color=”” scrolltext=””][/divider]
  4.  How quiet is the treadmill? There’s a good chance that you’ve spoken to someone on the phone and had absolutely no idea that they were on their office treadmill. It’s important to find a treadmill that has a quiet motor so that when it is on, all you can hear is the light steps your feet are taking. Office treadmills shouldn’t have to be reserved for use only when you answer e-mails, and if you find the right one, keeping your speaker phone on during a conference call doesn’t have to be out of the question.


Finding the perfect office treadmill shouldn’t be too difficult. Here are a few other helpful tips to help on your search for the perfect office treadmill. Check out online reviews to see what other people are saying. Measure your space to get a better idea for what can fit into your space. And of course, if you find the perfect office treadmill for you, help other friends and colleagues with their treadmill desk search when they need it!

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