What is a Treadmill Desk Workstation

treadmill desks in an office

Have you heard someone talking about walking several miles while they work and wondered, what is a treadmill desk workstation? If you’ve been wondering what a treadmill desk workstation is, and how you can get one, this guide will be very helpful for you. We’ll break down what they look like, how much they can cost, and how you can get one approved by your employer.

What is a treadmill desk workstation? 

Simply put, a treadmill desk workstation allows you to walk, stand, and sit as you choose while you work at your desk. Having the option to be able to move has become more important as increased studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle has a major affect on your body, ranging from slowing down your metabolism to affecting your blood sugar levels. Most treadmill workstations can be adapted for almost any type of office space. If you have a small, cubicle type space, or you’re looking to add an entire office area with multiple treadmill desk workstations, there’s certainly going to be an option for you. Also, if you’re worried about the type of flooring needed to be able to use a walking treadmill in your space, wood floors, tile, and carpet will work just fine.

What do treadmill desk workstations look like? 

If you have this image in your mind of bulky gym equipment taking up space in your stylish office, you can throw that image our of your mind. Today, treadmill desk workstations have adapted to fit in with your office decor, and blend in with other office furniture. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is not only lightweight and slimmed down to fit any office option, it also has wheels in the front allowing for easy movement when you need to move it our of your space. Desks come in an assortment of colors and materials and being able to adjust the height of your desk is important when you’re switching from standing, to walking, and sitting in a chair.

What do treadmill desk workstations cost? 

Investing in a treadmill desk shouldn’t have to break the bank. Treadmill desk workstations seem like they might only be fit for the corner office boss, but in fact they are attainable for most. In fact, some ergonomic office chairs cost the same or more than a walking treadmill! If you are crunched for cash, or have to split up the office stipend you receive every year, you can buy pieces separately. Start with the adjustable height desk, our prices start at $499, and then add the treadmill when more funds come in. You might even be able to use FSA funds towards a treadmill desk workstation purchase as well.

How can you get a treadmill desk workstation approved by your boss? 

Simply put, treadmill desk workstations can save your boss money. Reducing healthcare costs in a time when it seems like insurance keeps increasing every year is possible just by introducing treadmill desks. If your employees are healthier, and work-related absenteeism goes down, your company can save a considerable amount of money by offering a walk at work option. You can also let your boss know that employees are way more productive and are overall happier when they have the ability to stand and walk at work. A slight investment in new workstations pay off quickly when your employees are cranking out their best work at records pace. Still not convinced? Have your employer bring in one treadmill into the workplace and have employees take turns on the treadmill. They’ll see the constant use they get during the work day and will feel motivated to provide more for everyone, including themselves!

Any other questions about treadmill desk workstations that you might have? Let us know!

Joanna Stark

Director of Marketing

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