What Companies Use Treadmill Desks?

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Have you been wondering what companies use treadmill desks in the United States, maybe in the hopes of convincing your boss to get your office it’s very own treadmill desk workstation? It’s harder to convince them with a picture of Victoria Beckham walking on a treadmill desk in stilettos. It’s easier to convince them when you have a list of companies you can come to them with that prove how vital active workstations are to the workplace.

When people think of awesome places and work perks, Google headquarters comes to mind. While you might be pushing it with asking for unlimited meals and drinks, optional gardens to grow vegetables, and nap pods (sleeping on the job?), Google has found that treadmill desks work great in their environment filled with creative thinking and one of a kind ideas. Google is very health focused and sensitive to their employees needs and they’ve found by incorporating healthy options like treadmill workstations and healthy food choices, their employees are responding to these options positively.

Are you one of the many employees that have become a remote home worker by choice or by company protocol? More and more companies have been moving their employees to work in their home offices for reasons like renting out smaller offices, higher employee moral, and increasingly good work done from home. In fact, large companies like Humana Healthcare have been offering a stipend to their employees that work from home offices to convert their office into a active workstation. An insurance company who has great concerns about the cost of healthcare, and especially the cost of workplace injury and illness values the option to give their employees the opportunity to be active on the job.

Have a stressful job? Think about the stress 911 operators have every single day picking up emergency calls. While many government offices have incorporated treadmill desks into their employees lifestyles, 911 operators are appreciating the change to active working the most. These employees spend hours in front of the computer, and even longer sitting in chairs. Giving them the option to walk on breaks or even during calls is welcome by them, and they love having the opportunity to walk at work. “We don’t really get a lot of breaks to get up and walk around. We’re pretty much stuck at our consoles,” said Heather Beabout, who has been a dispatcher for about eight years. “It definitely makes the shift go a little better and gives me energy.”

If you’re curious about some of the other companies that have incorporated treadmill desks, specifically from Rebel Desk, you can find our desks at Microsoft, Peapod, Capital One, MIT, Stanford University, MedStar, LifeFuels, 1776, MedStar Health, and Hinge, just to name a few. Treadmill desks aren’t just for the early adopters anymore. They’re for every company, of every size, with every mission.

Many companies, large and small, have been purchasing treadmill desks for their employees over the years, and we’ve learned there’s no one size fits all for Rebel Desk. If you’re thinking about adding treadmill desk workstations for your employees, home office, or other unique situation, you should feel confident that everyone will love having the option to use a treadmill desk at work.

Joanna Stark

Director of Marketing

Joanna has been a part of the Rebel Desk team from the very beginning! She contributes regularly on the Rebel Desk blog and enjoys sharing her experiences with walking and working. You can reach her at jstark@rebeldesk.com.

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