Wearables That Keep You On Your Feet

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Not so long ago, your mother was reminding you not to slouch in your seat during dinner. She also held the front door open for you to get some fresh air and play with the neighbors kids. These days, your boss doesn’t walk in and tell you to take a break for fresh air, and your mom is not in your office reprimanding you on your posture.

As we become more tied to computers and work longer hours, Americans are sitting more than ever…and tech companies are taking note. In the last few years, new technology has become popular to help you take the right steps to become healthier in the workplace.

Standing desks and treadmill desks are becoming the new normal for offices. We’ve discussed mobile phone apps that remind users to stand or walk. Here are some other popular devices that have been and will be introduced to help people become more active both at and outside of work.

FitBit– The ultra-popular bracelet has become a fashion statement and talking piece that also helps keep you healthy. FitBit keeps track of your activity throughout the day and has reporting capabilities to let you know how you are faring with vigorous exericse. FitBit has some limitation though. It cannot track your time standing or sitting. The bracelet does not record walks at a treadmill desk very well or other movement (such as weight lifting) where the upper body is fairly stable. The FitBit Zip works much better to record steps on your Rebel Treadmill 1000.

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Lumo Back– The Lumo Back is a belt you wear across your back that will send small vibrations to remind you to fix your posture. It encourages you to spend more time standing each day and tracks the number of times that you stand up. The slight vibrations give the user a reminder that you’re sitting to long or your posture is incorrect, making this device more interactive than the FitBit. Lumo Back also can track the number of steps you take, the distance you walk, and the calories you burn. We have not tested the Lumo Back with our walking treadmill yet. Have you? What was your experience?

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Apple Watch– The newest technology that won’t be released until early 2015, the Apple Watch promises an incredibly comprehensive look at activity. The watch touts an “all day fitness tracker” that uses an accelerometer to measure total body movement. Not only will the Apple Watch be able to track your heartbeat, it will tell you how much you’ve walked, stood, ran and sat throughout the day.

It promises to deliver this data in a typical “Apple” fashion– with easy to read graphics, adjustable goals, and highlighting achievements. Like the Lumo, the Apple Watch will send vibrations to remind you to stand or walk when you’ve been active for too long.

We can’t wait to get our hands on one at Rebel Desk!

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