Ways Not to Use Your Adjustable-Height Desk

Adjustable-height desks, like the Rebel Crank-Up 1000, help people escape the negative effects that come from sitting all day. Many users report reduced back pain, improved muscle tone, and boosted productivity. As with any product though, there are ways that you should not use your adjustable-height desk.

First, don’t stand still all day. Just as sitting still in a chair all day is bad for your health, standing still in one place can be as well. The key is to avoid a static position. Even subtle movement makes a difference. You can fidget, raise up on your toes, or pace. Using a standing mat is a good way add subtle movement while standing. An advantage to having a desk that adjusts from sitting to standing, as opposed to a desk that remains at standing height, is the added movement. Going from sitting to standing multiple times a day is a great way to avoid the static standing position.


Second, don’t lean on your desk. When people get tired, they tend to slouch, whether in chairs or while standing. Try to avoid leaning on your standing desk though, as it can cause neck and back strain. If you are feeling tired of being on your feet, then take a break by walking or sitting down. Having good posture at your desk can help you feel more energized and focus, too. Check out our perfect posture tips here!

Finally, don’t use the desk at the wrong height. The height of your desk is important to enjoying it without discomfort. If the desk is too low, then you may strain your neck looking down. If it’s too high, then your arms and wrist could be placed in uncomfortable position. Fortunately with an adjustable-height desk, you should be able to find the exact height that allows you to comfortably work.

How do you maximize the effectiveness of your adjustable desk?

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