Walking at a Treadmill Desk – What’s it Like?

Many folks who are interested in using a treadmill desk wonder what it feels like to walk while at a desk. If you have a friend or co-worker with a treadmill desk, we suggest asking to take the treadmill desk for a test walk. If possible, spend at least 10 minutes walking at the treadmill desk to get a sense of how it will feel.

Rebel DeskIf you don’t have a way to test walking at a treadmill desk, the best comparison that we know of is to walking while pushing a stroller (hopefully minus the crying baby or toddler demanding a sippy cup!). When you push a stroller, your arms are slightly extended in front of you and your upper body is largely stationary. When you type and walk at a treadmill desk, your upper body will be in a fairly similar position and somewhat stationary. When you’re not typing at a treadmill desk, you can swing your arms a bit and move your upper body more. Most importantly though, while your walking and working, your legs are moving. And keeping your legs moving keeps the blood flowing, the muscles engaged, and the energy up! None of which is possible while sitting.

So if you want to imagine working at a treadmill desk, you might want to find a stroller and a willing toddler (and parent if necessary!), and hit the pavement!

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