Unique Gift Ideas for College Graduates

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Graduation season is upon us, and you may be search for a unique gift ideas for your favorite college graduate. While they probably wish you could help pay for backpacking through Europe, you’re probably hoping for something a little more practical to get them up and running in the “real” world.

Here are a few unique ideas that your college graduate is sure to love.

Clothing Box Subscription

As new graduates start their full-time jobs, they might need an upgrade in clothing. Now you can dress-to-impress without breaking the bank through clothing box subscription services. A popular subscription box for men or women is Trunk Club. They can set up a new wardrobe on different budgets and for different occasions.

New Luggage

If you noticed that when they came to visit you over school breaks, their luggage consisted of a heavy duty garbage bag, it might be time to spruce up the travel gear. Chances are though that a new grad will have little space to store nice luggage. Come to the rescue with foldable luggage, like Biaggi’s foldable, spinnable bags. They save space and look professional for business or pleasure trips.


Meal Delivery Service

Your graduate probably has spent the last few years eating at their school cafeteria or bringing fast food into their dorm room. Learning to cook is a learning process, but services like Blue Apron and Plated make it a whole lot easier. Setting them up with food delivery and easy to follow instructions will get your novice chef cooking and getting familiar with the kitchen. This gift might be worthwhile to the gift giver as well as you might get an invitation to try our their new skills for dinner one evening.

Standing Desk

There’s a good chance that your graduate has spent their time in the school library working on projects and studying for exams. The library is always the best place to cozy up at their desk. Help them recreate their cozy work nook with a standing desk for their new home. With more jobs involving a telecommuting aspect, or even if your grad loves to relax to a few hours of computer games at their desk, a desk will come in handy. A Rebel Up 2000 is the perfect size and price for any space, and your graduate will love the option to sit and stand when they want to.

Your graduate is embarking on a new phase in their life, and whatever you choose to get them, they’ve been fulfilled with all of the love and support you’ve shown them through the years.

Joanna Stark

Director of Marketing

Joanna has been a part of the Rebel Desk team from the very beginning! She contributes regularly on the Rebel Desk blog and enjoys sharing her experiences with walking and working. You can reach her at jstark@rebeldesk.com.

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