Under Desk Treadmill for About the Price of an Office Chair

New York Times reporter David Pogue recently did a review of a new office chair by Steelcase called Gesture. Gesture can be yours for a mere $980.

Steelcase apparently studied thousands of people in nearly a dozen countries to find out the different ways that people sit today. It turns out that technology like tablets and smart phones is causing us to sit in all kinds of funky positions. Gesture allows you to stay seated while you twist into these different positions – including “the Cocoon,” “the Smart Lean,” and “the Trance.” Pogue likes the chair but does not find it much different from other chairs that also allow you to sit in the Trance (or other) positions and he concludes:

The point is not that you should buy a Gesture chair. The point is that you should buy some good, comfortable, ergonomic chair.

Well, maybe that’s not the point either. As we’ve noted before, the point should be how can we avoid sitting in a chair all day? How can we avoid the negative effects of sitting disease?

For less than the price of a Gesture, and many other office chairs, you soon will be able to buy an under desk treadmill from Rebel Desk. The under desk treadmill can be used with any standing desk, even one not sold by Rebel Desk. You can’t go into Trance position while working on the under desk treadmill, but that is exactly the point. You can move your muscles, instead of letting them atrophy. You can increase your metabolism, rather than having it plummet while curled up in your chair. You can improve your mood, rather than feeling chair despair.

Maybe McDonald’s and Starbucks are onto something with their approach to seating: make the chairs uncomfortable so no one sticks around for too long. Spend 45 minutes parked in a wooden chair at Starbucks and you will long for that under desk treadmill!

Look for Rebel Desk’s product launch in October 2013!

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