Treadmill Desks in Hair Salons . . .?

At Rebel Desk, we know that the sitting epidemic is widespread.

So many jobs require people to sit for long stretches of time – from security guards and lawyers to customer service operators and software engineers. And we are always learning about new ways that treadmill desks can improve lives. Today a hair stylist told me that salons need Rebel Desk. Salons? Definitely not on our radar. But the stylist went on to make a case for why customers and stylists need treadmill desks. Why not!


We love this kind of conversation. We love listening to people’s ideas about ways that treadmill desks could improve lives. So many people experience the negative side effects of sitting. Those side effects can be physical – back pain, weight gain, etc. And they can be mental. A study just released a few days ago confirms a link between sitting and depressive symptoms:
Findings published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that women who sat for more than seven hours a day were at a 47% higher risk for depressive symptoms than women who sat for four hours or less per day.
This isn’t the first study to link decreased mental wellness with sitting. This article dubbed it “Chair Despair.” As one researcher pointed out, people just forget to get up and walk around when they are sitting at their desks working. Well, on a treadmill desk, it is pretty hard to forget to walk.


So who do you think would benefit from a treadmill desk?

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