Treadmill Desks Can Be Chic!

Deciding that you wanted a treadmill desk was easy. You’ve heard the wonderful health benefits, seen them on television, and watched your favorite celebrity or news anchor tout the wonders of their treadmill desk.

But when you started doing research on what’s available for adjustable height desks and under desk treadmills, you realized your options were limited.

At Rebel Desk, we felt the same way. When Rebel Desk’s founders searched for treadmill desks, they discovered that the few companies selling them did not offer a setup that was particularly attractive.

In a recent Chicago Magazine article, “How To Make a Treadmill Desk Less Ugly,” the author agreed that treadmill desks generally do not look so hot. The author even went so far as to ask her readers if she should upholster or wallpaper her treadmill desk to make it look more attractive!

No need to break out the wallpaper glue! At Rebel Desk, we ultimately designed a treadmill that accents your workplaces, rather than takes away from it. And at an amazing, affordable price!

home-standing-by-treadmill-deskWe wanted a standing desk to look like like modern office furniture, which is why we created two adjustable height styles with a glass and teak desktop option. The sturdy silver legs support the large desktop and create a sleek, minimalist appearance that stands out compared to other, more clinical-looking standing desks.

It also was important for Rebel Desk to design a treadmill that looked like it belong in an office rather than a gym. Our quiet motor, gray treadmill belt, and a low-profile design that matches your desk proves that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to own a treadmill desk.

So back away from the upholstery and forget about asking your boss for a bigger office to fit your treadmill desk. Rebel Desk lets you create that beautiful and innovative office space you’ve been looking for!


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