Treadmill Desk at the Thanksgiving Table?

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Thanksgiving dinner usually ends with you unbuckling your belt, after a day of anticipation, cooking, and finally eating. The endless side dishes, sleep-inducing turkey, and good wine kick off the merriment of the holiday season. They also signify the start of the season of extra calories. Did you know that the average weight gain during the holiday season is 7-10 pounds!

Does that mean you should bring your treadmill desk right up to the table to help keep off holiday pounds off? While that might be an interesting sight for grandma, you don’t have to go to those lengths. One of the keys to keeping down your weight gain is remain active even as the party invitations roll in and the temperatures drop.

Keeping your weight steady, or even losing a few pounds during the holiday season isn’t impossible. Tech Crunch blogger, John Biggs had the opportunity to use a Rebel Desk through the holidays and reported his finding back to his readers. Despite the cheer, holiday dinners, “endless amounts of beer”, and travel, he still managed to drop an entire pant size during the holiday season. He did that by working at his treadmill desk during his workday, which amounted to about 3 miles of walking per day!

If you keep up a high step count on your treadmill desks, you might be able to see a consistent weight loss all year round. In fact, you might be able to grab an extra piece of cornbread if you want! Straight Forward Fat Loss calculated what actual weight you can drop if you use a treadmill desk consistently. Below is the chart explaining what you need to do according to their calculations.


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Just an hour a day walking at your treadmill desk and you can lose 10 pounds a year. That, coupled with additional exercise, and a healthy diet and you can be on the road to the best version of yourself! Commit to a positive change for the start of this holiday season with a Rebel Desk!

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