Traveling Would Be Better With Standing Desks

Work travel often is a hassle. Long lines, plane delays, and uncomfortable hotel beds. One of the hardest parts of travel is leaving behind your regular office space.  If you’re used to standing and walking during the work day, then you especially might find yourself wishing you had a way to walk or stand while you work. Often travel means even more sitting than usual. Being achy, antsy, and tired from sitting around can make your work trip less productive.

Imagine if there were options to stand or walk while you were on the road . . . Here’s a few places that could incorporate standing desks or treadmill desks for the business traveler.

Airports – If you find yourself traveling often, you start to get to know your local airport pretty well. Getting through the morning traffic, hustle of the security line, and making your way to your gate can be a challenge. Once you’ve made it through though, you find that you’re sitting for an inordinate amount of time before boarding. Business travel tends to be during the work week so you pull out your laptop, place it on your lap and get working. Don’t mind the teenager with large headphones peering over your shoulder or the 3-year-old who’s having a hard time with her orange juice cup sitting next to you. Standing desk workstations at every gate would be helpful to business travelers looking to get some work done before boarding a long flight.

Hotels – We’ve seen some pretty creative do-it-yourself standing desks for those desperate to avoid sitting. You might have a few business meetings during the day when you travel, but you’re on your own to make up for the work piling up wherever you are.Recently a Rebel Desk customer tweeted a picture out of his DIY hotel room creation so he could get some work done standing.  Ted Tang, CEO of Luxury Hotel Group has even started building standing desks in all rooms in EVEN brand hotels after he fell in love with using his own standing desk and found that option to be lacking when he traveled.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 1.23.32 PM

Rebel Desk users DIY hotel room standing desk


Conference Rooms – If you’re at a field conference, doing continuing education classes, or attending lectures, you could enter a room and find yourself sitting for a few hours at a time with breaks used to eat quickly. After half an hour, you start to disengage from the speaker, find yourself yawning, and even start to glaze over in normally very cold room. Standing desk stations would be a perfect option to put at the back of the room to allow those who would like to stand the ability to do so without disrupting others or the speaker.

It’s difficult to leave our standing and treadmill desks behind when we’re traveling, but with a few fixes traveling can be much more enjoyable when we have a standing desk wherever we go!


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