Top New Years Resolutions For The Office Worker

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Navigating modern office life can be exhausting. Between co-worker drama in the break room, the endless amount of work that piles up on a Monday, and your life outside of the office, your weekends feel like a welcome reprieve from the busy week. So if you’re looking to reinvent yourself for 2016 inside the office, here’s a few resolutions you might want to print out and tack onto your desk!

  1. Stay Organized – If you’re one of the many who have a less than tidy desk area, this one is for you. Clear up the clutter going into the New Year. Empty out those drawers filled with candy wrappers and crumpled paper. Starting off fresh will feel like you’re starting off on a new foot. The holiday season tends to have a lot of vacation days leading up to New Years day. Don’t let office blues sink in after the celebrations are over. Keeping your desk clean, and maybe adding a picture frame or two of your family and friends might be just what you need to get going. Then, to keep it up, take 10 minutes at the start of every month to tidy up and clear off your desk top.
  2. Stay Motivated – Going into the New Year with a pep in your step can be very good for business. Take some time to write down goals. Sales goals, client satisfaction goals, even ways to make your boss happy goals. Take what you’ve learned the previous year and master it. When you feel like you’re an expert in a subject, staying motivated is easy.
  3. Learn Something New – If you’re stuck in a comfortable place, maybe it’s time to pick up a new skill. In 2016, take some time to master something you haven’t done yet. Depending on what you do, take some continuing education courses that sound interesting to you. Always wanted to learn the basics of Mandarin? There’s a lot of resources to get you started! Or, if you’re looking to use your break time in a more productive manner than just browsing social media, you can try to pick up a new skill like crochet! pexels-photo-57690-min
  4. Get Active –  Your first day back at the office in 2016 and you’re already slumping over in your chair by 1:00PM. We get it, and we miss the holiday season too! If you’re feeling grouchy because you just realized that you’re going to be sitting in a chair 5 days a week until April, well then, it’s time to get rid of the chair! A treadmill desk is a great way to get active at work without having to run to the gym on your lunch break.  If you want to slowly acclimate yourself to a new way of working, try a standing desk first and see how you feel. Like most standing desk and treadmill desk users, you should feel more alert, creative, and productive just from getting rid of a chair from your office routine.
  5. Start an Event – If you have a small company, or a small department in a large company, it might be fun to organize an event with your coworkers. Sign up for a marathon to support a cause that’s important to you. Organize a company bake sale to support local veterans. If your office loves pets, the local animal shelter might be excited to do an event with your team as well. Feeling good about what you do is important, and if you can make a change in the world in 2016, going into work will be something to enjoy every day.

Waking up on New Years day always feels like a brand new start. Keep that feeling going at home and in the office months later with some of the resolutions above. We’ll be incorporating these tips into our daily lives and we hope you will too!

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