Tieks at the Walking Desk– The Search for the Perfect Walking Desk Shoe

I field lots of questions from Rebel Desk customers interested in our walking desk. The questions can be as simple as “how fast can I go?”– ( two miles per hour, by the way), to “can I move it around if I wanted to?”– (yes you can, it has two front wheels). One question that I really love to field though is: “what kind of shoes should I wear?” I can hear the trepidation in the voice on the other end of the line…do I have to give up my cute work shoes?
I love to ease people’s concerns by explaining that you don’t have to switch into sneakers to take a stroll at your walking desk. You can walk in loafers or other comfortable flats with rubber soles.
We wanted to take our advice to another level though and find the perfect pair of shoes. Ones that not only look amazing with your favorite work outfit, but also feel good on your Rebel Treadmill 1000. Lucky me, I got to be the guinea pig! Knowing that Tieks had a huge following of women who swear by their comfort, I wanted to put them to the test at our walking desk. 

When my Lovestruck Tieks arrived, in their adorable box with a big flower on top, I was smitten. Inside was a lovely hand written note and a small, foldable, tote bag for stashing your heels. At first glance, the bright teal soles of the shoes stood out, but those soles were made for walking. The thick soles make the otherwise light shoes very easy to walk in. They give you lots of cushion whether walking on the sidewalk, around the office, or at your walking desk.
I tested my Tieks and found them super comfortable from the first step. There was no adjustment period to wearing them. Really, no blisters or irritations you would expect to get with a new pair of shoes. It is easy to put in several miles of walking while at the Rebel Treadmill 1000 in these shoes. Yes, several miles. Even walking at a slow pace, like 1.0 mph, it’s no problem to walk 4 or 5 miles a day. So you can see why wearing the right shoe is important! The well-built soles also are super quiet when walking on the treadmill base.
I also love the color that I chose – Lovestruck. I call them the Chameleon of Flats – the blend in with every outfit. With so many great colors that Tieks come in, including both leather and vegan options, it’ll be easy to find the perfect pair for your walking desk. I have been wearing my Tieks as my regular work shoe for about two weeks and still love them. I’m planning an overseas excursion right now and already know that my Tieks will be an essential travel shoe.
Have you found the right pair of shoes to wear with at your Rebel Desk or while walking around the city? Let me know! I always love an excuse for a new pair of shoes!

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