Three Ways to Use a Standing Mat

Standing mats are awesome for helping you to avoid feelings of fatigue in your legs and feet. And they’re not just for the office!

Here are three ways that you can use a standing mat to help feel great throughout the day.

1. Standing Mat for Your Office

Standing-Mat-With-Desk-I’ll start with the obvious: standing mats are great to use at standing desks! As I explained in an earlier post, standing in the same position can cause tiredness in your legs and feet. These feelings are especially likely when you first make the switch from sitting all day to using a standing height desk. The feelings of tiredness though are just your body reminding you that it likes to move! A standing mat’s flexible material causes small muscle contractions in your feet, calves, and legs that improves comfort and the amount of time you can spend standing.

If you have a Rebel Treadmill 1000 under you desk, a standing mat is a great option, too. When you are not walking, you can place your mat over the treadmill and feel more comfortable and ready for your next round of walking.

2. Standing Mat for Your Bathroom

Imprint Mat in a bathroom (Image from Imprint Product Gallery)

Imprint Mat in a bathroom (Image from Imprint Product Gallery)

Before you head into the office, do you spend a fair amount of time front of your bathroom mirror? It’s okay. I do, too! I’d love to be a “shower and go” kind of person, but I’m just not.

Unfortunately the bathroom floor that we stand on often is hard tile and not very comfortable on the feet. A rug can help a little but a rug is not made of the same kind of material as standing mat. A standing mat is not just carpet or something soft. The best ones are made of specially engineered material that can be described by the very scientific term: squishy.

When you use a standing mat in the bathroom, you can take comfort while getting ready to another level.


3. Standing Mat for Your Kitchen

maxum-industrial-anti-fatigue-matWhether you make your dinner from scratch every night or are a bit more of the pre-prepared kind of cook, many of us spend a lot of time standing the kitchen. We cook, wash dishes, clean up after meals, or just talk with family and friends. Do you know that feeling of having guests over and everyone is standing in the kitchen? Well, why not make standing more comfortable with a standing mat. Standing mats are used in professional kitchens by chefs regularly. They appreciate the benefits of a soft surface to stand while they prepare meals. Place one at the sink, near a counter, or an island and see how much better it feels.

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