There’s No Quitting Treadmill Desks

treadmill desk infographic

You’ve probably done it. Although you probably hate to admit it. You’ve signed up for a gym membership after the holiday season only to give it up a few months later. I did it last year…and I told my husband I must have pulled a shoulder muscle and it would be silly to keep paying my membership fee. I have many friends that secretly admit to not sticking with their gym commitment. Some people can’t bring themselves to cancel and admit defeat. Instead they just watch the monthly fees automatically deducted from their credit card and until they start thinking about giving it a try again next year.

Well, gym memberships might be hard to stick to, but I know one thing I haven’t and won’t give up: my treadmill desk…and Rebel Desk users couldn’t agree more.

Think about this: 96% of Rebel Desk standing desk users of over 5 months use their desk regularly. 74% use their Rebel Treadmill 1000 regularly. Compare that to the 80% of people who join a gym quit in 5 months. The average gym membership cost for a year is $800. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 costs even less than that!

The top reasons for people quitting their gym membership are that they have no time, are not seeing results fast enough, cannot stay motivated or simply aren’t enjoying it. Rebel Desk users find that they feel extremely motivated, productive, and their reasons for purchasing a treadmill desk are paying off. Less back pain, exhaustion, and increased energy through their busy days are noticeable right away. Not to mention the potential weight loss just from working in the office.

While we encourage everyone to add exercise and supplement their treadmill desk usage with gym time, we understand it might not be easy to keep up the commitment. Committing to your office treadmill is easy when it is with you every day in your space. In fact, you might find that the new energy you’ve discovered while working at your Rebel Desk might be just what you need to catch that 7PM Zumba class!

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