The Sitting Epidemic Highlighted on HuffPost Live

HuffPost Live recently ran a segment on the dangers of sitting, and it featured a treadmill desk in action. Guest AJ Jacobs was cruising at his treadmill desk while he was interviewed. Jacobs is the author of the hilarious Drop Dead Healthy, which he wrote largely while walking.

It appears Jacobs combined an exercise treadmill with a platform for his laptop. This setup definitely is the DIY solution for those who don’t want to shell out for an expensive walking treadmill. Unfortunately though this “solution” can cause a lot of problems, including inducing terrible ergonomic form and having a really precarious setup for your computer. Not to mention that these setups simply are unrealistic for anyone who works outside of the home.

The Rebel Desk will be at a price point where many who opted for DIY solutions can now have an awesome setup that won’t result in other ergonomic issues and gives you plenty of space to work.

The other guest, Vivian Eisenstadt of Prevent the Pain Therapy, brought the doom and gloom about sitting that we all need to hear. Sitting for hours a day has, according to Eisenstadt, “made a difference in our entire generation and the level of illness we are getting.” A scary trend that she has seen are young teenagers coming to see her with “chronic, solid necks” that spell a lifetime of pain. They are growing up planted on their butts and looking down at an iPad, laptop, or phone.

Rebel Desks in a high school near you? Yep, that’s our vision.

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