The Risks of a DIY Standing Desk

Here at Rebel Desk, we’ve seen some pretty creative “Do It Yourself” standing desk solutions. Case in point:

Picture of DIY Standing Desks

Very Creative DIY Standing Desks

We encourage everyone to take a stand against sitting, but sometimes stacking books and working in linen closets might not be optimal.

Here are a few reasons that a DIY standing desk did not work for folks who tried it out.

1 – “My neck feels strained because i’m either looking too far up or too far down.”

This is the most common issue when someone sets up their own DIY standing desk. One size does not fit all, and can cause some neck and posture pain. Those using multiple screens, answering calls, and writing things down, do so at normal desk level, and it puts more pressure on your neck & back.

2 – “I need to shake out my wrists, because they hurt after a little bit of work.”

This carpel tunnel issue is caused when you’re standing, and your screen is elevated, but everything else is not. Everything should be level and your wrists should lay easily on your desk without stretching or discomfort.

3 – “I’ve had a few close calls with my monitor screen and the floor.”

While it seems easy enough to elevate your monitor screen on books or stacks of papers, it’s not the steadiest of surfaces. One chance at saving your flying cup of coffee, or spider that’s passing along your desk, and that monitor can very well end up on the floor!

So before you pick up those cardboard boxes you’ve been holding onto, consider an adjustable height desk that will not only comfortably fit your office space, but will keep your wrists happy, neck happy, and body healthy!

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