The New Vocabulary for Standing Desks

treadmills with desks
This might sound strange, but we often do not know how to refer to our desks.
Should we call them standing desks? Standing desk is the phrase with which most people are familiar. It is easy to picture what one means by a standing desk. There are many desks that are standing-height desks that fit this bill. We blogged this morning about how standing desks have been around for hundreds of years and they were desks that stayed in one place.
But the name standing desk suggests that the desk cannot be adjusted. That you can only stand at it. So maybe we should call our desks adjustable desks. Or even more specifically adjustable-height desks. Adjustable desk more accurately describes what the desk does – it adjusts from sitting to standing height. So you can sit at it or stand at it. We’ll admit though that adjustable-height desk is a bit of a mouthful.
Another possibility is to refer to our desk as a crank-up desk. It does after all move up and down with the turn of a crank. There also are electric desks and pneumatic desks that adjust in height. None of these names are used with regularity though. You just don’t hear people saying, “I love working at my crank-up desk.”
So we often come back to standing desk. These name conundrums will be a thing of the past soon enough though. Here is our prediction for the new vocabulary for desks:
Desk – a desk that can be adjusted in height. Adjustable desks will become the default. They give people freedom to work at the perfect ergonomic height for them, whether sitting or standing, while reducing the negative effects of prolonged sitting. What’s to stop their rise?
Standing Desk – a desk at which you can only stand. While these will always be popular, more people will want the option to vary their position throughout the day.
Sitting Desk – a desk at which you can only sit. This phrase is not yet in our vocabulary but it will be. A sitting desk will be seen as a traditional option.
The standing revolution is just underway and we’re excited to see how it will take shape!
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