Talking Points to Convince the Boss

While talking with people about standing and treadmill desks, it is not uncommon to hear people say something like the following:

“I wish that I could convince my boss to have the company pay for a standing [or treadmill] desk but I know that my boss will just think it is a crazy fad.”

Well, a recent study may help to convince the boss that shelling out for a standing or treadmill desk is not a crazy fad but rather the logical solution to a growing health epidemic that is costing businesses money.

A study by Gallup-Healthways concluded, after interviews with nearly 100,000 people, that health-related absenteeism among professionals costs the U.S. $24.2 billion a year. At the management and executive level, the cost is $15.7 billion a year. Of the participants in the survey, 77% were overweight or obese and had at least one chronic health condition. When employees cannot come to work because they aren’t feeling well, the employer loses money, co-workers may suffer lower productivity, and morale can take a hit.

Studies have shown that people who spend most their day sitting are at higher risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes – even if they exercise regularly. But studies also have shown that the simple acts of standing or walking can reduce these risks. Standing desks and treadmills that fit under a desk make it easy to reduce the number of hours you spend sitting. So you can tell your boss that if the company offers options other than a chair, it can cut the risk of disease for employees, reduce the number of sick days, save money, and increase productivity.

For more on the Gallup-Healthways study see:

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