Taking a Seat During Your Day With a Treadmill Desk

standing and stting at desks

We know that many of you are ready to throw their chairs out the window and never look back at sitting again, especially if you’re a treadmill desk user already. While we applaud your enthusiasm, we always encourage our treadmill desk users to slowly integrate the Rebel Treadmill 1000 into their workday. Just like you shouldn’t sit all day, it’s also best not to walk or stand all day. Ideally, you can mix up your positions throughout the day. So before you chuck the chair out the window, think about how to incorporate a sitting option into your workspace. Rebel Desk makes it easy to work how you want, when you want.

Here are a few ways to Rebel Desk customers have told us they incorporate sit, stand, and walk options into their offices.

Move the Treadmill –  The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has wheels and is lightweight. Those features make it easy to move the treadmill out of your space if you want to bring in a chair. If you have an adjustable-height desk, like the Rebel Up 2000, then you can adjust the desk down to use your chair or back up to use your treadmill.

Share the Space – Our treadmill desk was designed as a dynamic workstation. The desktop is large enough to have both treadmill and a stool underneath it. Rebel Desk offers a tall, adjustable stool that slides right next the Rebel Treadmill. Shifting the items sitting on your desk over makes it easy to pop back and forth between sitting and walking at your Rebel Desk.

Change the Scenery – Spending 8 or more hours at any desk is tough, especially if you are in the same space all day. If you work from home, take a break and shift over to your favorite comfy spot in the house. If the weather is nice enough, sit out on your porch or stand on your balcony to enjoy some fresh air. If you work in an office, take advantage of common areas that have more hustle and bustle to them. Sometimes, it’s easier to get re-focused on something with a little bit of buzzing background noise.

Get Creative – Sometimes, a chair isn’t what you’re looking for when you’re wanting to step away from the treadmill. There are perching stools that allow you to lean, while creating comfortable posture that is better for your back than a regular chair. Also, balance balls are another way to get in some sitting time without your chair, and some stretches you can do while on a balance ball helps your core and feels good on your back!

Adding a treadmill desk into your work routine doesn’t mean you have to lose the chair for good. Keep your options open for how you feel on any given day. Rebel Desk makes it easy to have a complete solution at your fingertips.

Kathleen Hale


Kathleen is a leading voice in the active-working field. She writes, speaks and teaches about how using treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks can change lives. She also is the founder of Chair Free Project, a resource to help people live better by using chairs less. Reach out (@kathleenhale_) and let Kathleen know what posts you would like to see on the Rebel Desk blog!

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