Study Shows Walking Can Help Reduce Your Waistline


We have known this for decades that exercise is vital to health and well-being. The questions that many of us want answered, however, is how much do we need to exercise and what kind of exercise do we need to do? Do you have to run a marathon or spend 60 minutes on rowing machine every day? How much is enough?

Queen’s University of Ontario set up a study that attempted to answer these questions. The study included 300 sedentary individuals with abdominal obesity. The researchers wanted to see if the participants could reduce their waistlines while exercising at different intensity levels.

The groups were monitored while exercising 5 days a week for 24 weeks at different intensity levels and times. One group worked out at low intensity — a slow walk — for about 31 minutes per session. This amount of activity is about equivalent to the recommended health guidelines. The second group also walked at low intensity but doubled the length of time walking. They walked an average of 58 minutes or five hours a week. A third group walked at a higher intensity — a brisk walk — for about 40 minutes per day. The fourth group did not exercise.

Untitled copyAll three groups that incorporated walking into their normally sedentary lifestyle had a reduction in their waistline — an average of 2 inches off AND a loss of 5-6% of body weight.

The key takeaway from this study is that healthy change can happen with small steps! “It doesn’t take a lot,” said Robert Ross, a lead author. “That’s why our participants were so surprised. They didn’t have to climb Mount Everest.”


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