Standing Up At Work Will Put A Smile On Your Face

At Rebel Desk our mantra is: Sitting sucks. Stand up. Live better. A new study suggests we should add on “Smile more.”

A fascinating study recently covered by HuffPost reveals that slouching forward in a chair (something that is hard to avoid after you’ve been sitting for hours on end) can “send ‘sad’ signals to our brain, darkening our mood.” And it not only is you who may be brought down in the dumps by your slouching. The study showed that “[s]imply observing someone else carrying out those motions or silently imagining them can be enough to trigger [a] heightened feeling” of sadness.

The good news, however, is that acting out certain “happy” movements such as jumping, skipping, or raising your arms in the air can lift spirits, and put you and others in a better mood.

The even better news is that you do not have to skip around the office with your arms raised to be put in a good mood. You can just get a Rebel Desk and push that slouch-inducing chair aside.

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