Standing Desk – Moving from Trendy to the Norm

More folks are becoming aware of the dangers of sitting. We’ve written a lot about those dangers and the toll that prolonged sitting can can take on your health.

Rebel Desk standing SystemA few years ago, standing desks and adjustable-height desk started to become a trendy way to combat “sitting disease.” Now, adjustable-height desks desks are moving from trendy to the new norm. That’s because lots of people are discovering that an upright workstation is a great way to improve how you feel each day and your long-term health.

Even weight loss goals can become a little easier with a standing desk. Switching from sitting to standing burns more calories. It’s estimated that if you stand for three hours a workday that you otherwise would be sitting, you can burn about 30,000 calories over the course of a year! That’s the equivalent of 8lbs of fat!

It is possible to spend the whole workday standing, or even walking if you have a treadmill at your standing height desk. Just check out the tweet below:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.40.28 AM

We encourage a little bit of sitting though, too. We designed our desks to be height adjustable so it’s easy to be on your feet or in your seat.

Standing while working has so many benefits: feeling focused and energized, being more productive, burning more calories, improving your mood. Standing desk users also have reported less back pain.

It’s no wonder that standing workstations are becoming the new norm! We often use this analogy to think about the future of the workplace: Just like it’s hard to remember a time when people could smoke on airplanes, in 15 years it will be hard to remember a time when people did not have an option to stand or walk at their desk.

Check out our standing desk solutions as well as our under desk treadmill options!

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