Standing Desk Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

kid height standing desk

Have you been trying to get some more standing desk activities in with your kids on school nights? Spending an evening with children after they come home from a day of school can be tough. Trying to get dinner on the table, while juggling work, cleaning, and other demands makes evenings speed by. When your kids come home with a second wind of energy after their productive but mostly sedentary day at school, asking them to finish their homework at the kitchen table can be met with frustration. If you’re looking to make a change, try and incorporating your standing desk into the kids routine. Here’s a few ideas for how your standing desk can work for everyone.

  1. Homework – An obvious but easy activity your kids can do at your standing desk. Crank your desk down to kid-height and let them work on their reading and math. If your child has trouble staying focused while sitting at the kitchen table, you both might find a standing desk to be just the trick to keep up productivity. In fact, classrooms in schools have introduced standing desks to kids, and they found that young minds are more active, focused, and productive when they’re not sitting at a desk.
  2. Hobbies – Teaching your kids how to crochet, or working on a 1000 piece puzzle after dinner? Those little activities aren’t just fun, but they’re also a great time to chat about everyone’s day together. If you’ve noticed ants-in-their-pants every time you try to get them to work on a family project on the couch, a standing desk is the perfect solution. You might even lose track of time on a school night!
  3. Television Time – If you’ve got a video gamer or two on your hands, you’ve probably felt guilty for letting them play video games when they could have been playing outside. As soon as the sun sets outside, they gravitate to their TV or computer for video games. You may feel a little better about an hour of video games if your kiddo isn’t slouched on the couch with dangerous posture. Having them play at the standing desk instead of folded uncomfortably between the cushions will be better for their necks, backs, and arms.

Have you incorporated your Rebel Desk into your kids lives? How do you utilize a standing desk for things other than work? Think about all the ways you can replace sitting with a standing desk for your kids and slowly integrate standing in their homework and hobbies. Soon, you may have a hard time reclaiming your standing desk for yourself!

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