Replace Sitting Time With Standing Time for Some Seriously Positive Results

Activity trackers seem to be popping up everywhere. It seems everyone is wearing the latest technology right on their wrists. People are sharing their statistics and daily goals on social media and websites. Each day presents the opportunity for a little healthy competition (pun intended) among co-workers and friends. Activity trackers can be the catalyst to become more active, and we’re thrilled about that here at Rebel Desk. We’re also excited that activity trackers are making it easier for researchers to study the effects of activity (or inactivity  find consistent evidence that sitting is bad for you.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia used activity trackers to observe 782 men and women for one week. The trackers recorded time spent sitting, standing, and walking. The researchers also drew a blood sample from each participant before and after the experiment. What they discovered in just one week of monitoring was fascinating.

The findings showed that participants who replaced two hours of sitting with two hours of standing or walking had blood sugar averages that were 2% lower and triglyceride levels were 11% lower. Further, the participants who added an two additional hours of walking in place of sitting recorded an average BMI that was 11% lower. They also reduced their waist circumference by an average of seven centimeters. These results were recorded after just one week of changing activity!

The researchers concluded that standing is a viable alternative to sitting due to the cardiovascular health benefits that occur when you replace your chair with standing. If you are looking to also drop weight, then adding just walking into your day can do the trick. This study confirms the results of numerous other recent studies: standing and walking more during the day can benefit your health.

Activity trackers make it easier to achieve these healthy goals by encouraging self-monitoring and some friendly competition. When you start tracking your sit time, you might be surprised how high it is. An easy way to bring down that number and start increasing the steps and standing time is to add an active-working solution into your office. Watch your statistics on your wearable device once you start incorporating a standing desk and treadmill desk into your day and enjoy the changes!

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