Rebel Desk, New Entrant in the Treadmill Desk Market, Announces Release of Treadmill and Adjustable Height Desks

DC-based startup looks to improve health and well-being in the sedentary workplace by offering modern treadmill desks.

Washington, DC, October 16, 2013– Rebel Desk, a Washington, DC based healthy workspace solutions company, today announces a new line of treadmill desks and adjustable-height desks. Rebel Desk brings an entirely new look to the treadmill desk market with a sleek model of the under desk treadmill that is a virtually noise-free solution for homes and offices. The latest model of the treadmill and its adjustable desk counterpart include the ability to work three ways: walking, standing or sitting.

On average, Americans sit for over nine hours a day, and it’s putting them at greater risk for chronic diseases, weight gain, and back problems. Walking or standing while working has been shown to have endless health benefits, while also improving focus and boosting productivity. This growing industry comes at a time when employers and employees are looking for healthy solutions in the workplace.

“As a practicing attorney, I spent many hours sitting at a desk. I know how terrible it can make you feel. When you find yourself dragging, you’re more likely to reach for that sugary energy drink or grab a donut for a snack,” says Kathleen Hale, Rebel Desk Founder. “With a treadmill desk though, you can feel energized and healthy throughout the day, and that helps you make positive choices.” Treadmill desks are here to stay, claims Hale, “Just as it’s hard to remember a time when people could smoke on airplanes, in a decade it will be hard to remember a time when people did not have options to stand or walk while they worked.”

With a treadmill desk by Rebel Desk you can walk slowly (no faster than 2 mph) while drafting documents, making phone calls, and sending e-mails. These height adjustable desks allow users to sit and stand with a few quick cranks and come in glass or teak options to blend in with office aesthetics. “Most treadmill desks look like they were plucked from a gym,” says Hale. “We designed our products as a unit to create something that looks like it belongs in a professional workspace, not a gym.” The Rebel Desk website allows for customization of a desk setup and plenty of add-on options, as well as a limited-time discount on a treadmill and desk purchase.

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