Rebel Desk Helps Tory Johnson “Shift” to a Healthy Life

Tory Johnson at her Rebel Desk

Many of you know Tory Johnson from her great Deals & Steals segment on Good Morning America. You might not know that Tory has a treadmill desk from Rebel Desk herself and that she uses it as part of her new, healthy lifestyle!

For her whole life, Tory struggled with weight. When a television executive told her that she needed to lose weight or her career might be in jeopardy, Tory decided it was time to change her life. She set out not to diet, but to live a healthier lifestyle.

Tory wrote about making this change in her New York Times best seller, The Shift. Tory honestly and openly explains her journey to a new and improved version of herself. She made healthy eating what she did all of the time, not just during a diet. Tory also began moving more each day, increasing her calorie burn. Ultimately Tory believes that her new self is due to the shift she made to do change her whole lifestyle to one that supported healthy habits. Her story has been a catalyst for many people who have struggle with weight and yo-yo dieting.

The paperback version of The Shift just was released and it includes new content, recipes (including the most creative uses of cauliflower we’ve ever seen!), and talk of how Tory uses her treadmill desk. Losing weight and changing exercise habits isn’t easy, especially when you have a desk job that requires you to sit for 8+ hours a day. Tory uses her Rebel Desk treadmill desk to stay active, burn calories, and be productive – not just to keep up her work but also to keep up her healthy habits! She walks at about 1.5 mph and clocks 4 to 6 miles a day walking at her desk.

Tory recently appeared on Good Morning America and The View to talk about the new version of The Shift and she did it while walking at a Rebel Desk treadmill desk!

The View Treadmill Desk

It is so rewarding for us to see how Rebel Desk is helping Tory Johnson, and countless others, make a change away from life in a chair and to life on the move!

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