Prolonged Sitting Cancels Out Exercise Benefits

A new study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings has some bad news for the tato. Active couch potato is a term being used to describe people who exercise regularly but are sedentary when they are not exercising. It turns out, that for every two hours of sitting, you cancel the cardiorespiratory fitness benefits of 20 minutes of exercise.

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The researchers studied 2,233 people between the ages of 12 and 49. They measured the participants cardiorespiratory fitness levels, daily exercise, and sedentary behavior. The results of the study showed the negative effects of sitting can be as detrimental as the positive effects of exercise. The lead author explained:

Our data suggest that sedentary behavior may increase risk through an impact on lower fitness levels, and that avoiding sedentary behavior throughout the day may represent an important companion strategy to improve fitness and health, outside of regular exercise activity.

Fortunately the researchers also found that even small movements throughout the day help. For combating sedentary behavior, the preventive cardiologists recommend “taking short walks during lunch and throughout the day, using a pedometer to track daily steps, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, hosting walking meetings at work, and replacing a standard desk chair with a fitness ball or even a treadmill desk, if possible.”

You work hard to get in exercise into your busy life. Don’t let that exercise time go to waste just because you have to work. Incorporate active working into your day.

To learn more about this new study, check out the video below. And if you’re ready to make the switch to active working, be sure to check out the treadmill desk by Rebel Desk.


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