Perfect Gift for Someone Looking to Get Moving

As the end of the year approaches, many folks start reflecting on those resolutions that they did not keep. And many want to make sure that next year is the year they stick with their commitments. If you know someone who is committed to improving their health in the New Year, then why not help them along with the perfect holiday gift: a Rebel Treadmill.

Rebel Desk Setup Boulder


Making a shift to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. Everyday we are faced with easy, but unhealthy choices. It’s easier to grab the donut in the break room than to pack a healthy snack. It’s easier to sit behind your desk all day than to set timers and reminder yourself to get up and move.

The great thing about having a walking treadmill under your desk is that you don’t have to set a timer or try to cram a walk into your schedule. You can walk and work right at your desk. You can put in several miles a day using the walking treadmill.

The Rebel Treadmill recently was featured in Forbes Healthy Gift Guide. As write Larry Olmstead explained:

The RebelDesk Treadmill was designed to make a lifestyle switch attainable and affordable, and it makes a great gift either with or without a paired stand-up desk ($649).

It is not uncommon for us at Rebel Desk to hear that using a walking treadmill has changed someone’s life. Scan the reviews of the treadmill here and you can see how adding movement to your day can be transformational. Why not give a gift that can have such a great impact for a loved one? Or for yourself! Want to let someone know that the Rebel Treadmill is on your wish list? Just share this link!

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