One Thing Is For Sure: A Sedentary Lifestyle Is Bad News

Keeping track of the latest health and fitness recommendations can be frustrating.

One week it is: Do this. Do that.

The next week it is: Don’t do this. Don’t do that.

I read an article today about how endurance running can increase your chance of dying from a heart condition!

Deepak Chopra hit on this theme in a recent HuffPost column (

But don’t throw up your hands and give in to the Oreos that you stashed in your cupboard!  As Chopra observes, we actually know what leads to health and well being. While we might wish there was a magic cleanse, one amazing workout, or a pill from which we could whip up a recipe for healthiness, the ingredient list in fact is rather simple. One of the key ingredients to a healthy and more energetic life is moving. And I don’t mean running a couple miles a day. Just not sitting all day.

  • “It has long been known that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of many lifestyle disorders, but only a small percentage of people regularly exercise. So it’s good news that just moving your body throughout the day, doing as little as walking around every hour, taking the stairs, and stretching, delivers some of the fundamental benefits of exercise. The more you exercise, the greater the benefits, yet the widest health gap is between those who don’t move at all and those who bother to do the minimum.”

Combine a routine of steady movement with healthy food and you are well on your way to feeling great and living longer.

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