Not Just a Standing Desk. A Sit-Stand Desk.

Why does a standing desk company sell a chair?
I get this question a lot. When I point out that we also sell a sit-stand desk chair, people often chuckle and ask why.
The answer is that having a sitting option gives you the maximum flexibility to work how you need to work.
It’s not just a standing desk. It’s a sit-stand desk.
I was a desk jockey for years. When I made the switch to a standing desk and then a treadmill desk, I loved it but found that sometimes I still needed to sit. My initial standing desk was an Ikea hack. It could not be adjusted to different heights. So when I wanted to add a chair, I had to find one that was just the right height. The process was time consuming, and then the chair that I found did not fit well. When I decided to create my own line of active working products, I wanted to make the desk, not just a standing desk, but a sit-stand desk. And I wanted to have a chair option in case you need to sit.

A sit-stand desk lets you pick the height at which you want to work. This flexibility has lots of benefits. You can make sure that your keyboard is at the right height for your wrists. You can place your monitor or screen at a comfortable height for your neck. A sit-stand desk that can be adjusted lets you share the desk with anyone. I have heard from lots of folks whose kids can adjust a sit-stand desk to their height and stand up while they do homework or build Legos.
Don’t Work the Same Way All Day
A sit-stand desk also aligns with the recommendation of many medical professionals: vary the way you work throughout the day. Stand some. Walk some. Sit when you need to take a break. Here are some tips on the best postures for standing and sitting at a desk. Keeping active throughout (rather than being planted in a chair) the day can keep your mind focused, your muscles engaged, and your productivity up.
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