No Need To Worry, You’re Just as Productive on a Treadmill Desk!

cartoon of people at treadmill desk in office

It’s your first time at a treadmill desk. You take a careful step onto the belt, crank up the desk a bit, and position your hands on your keyboard to test out your comfort level. When you’re comfortable, you press the start button and get ready to walk. The first time you try out a treadmill desk is exciting! You might have other anxious co-workers watching you take your first steps and a lot is going through your mind:

– Should I start off fast or slow? I’ve always been a fast walker! Most Rebel Desk users walk between 1.2 and 1.4 MPH!

– Will I be able to type easily? Absolutely, and we tested this question out HERE.

– How can I be productive with all these thoughts?! Once your interested co-workers stop asking you questions, absolutely!

Productivity levels are an important aspect in bringing a treadmill desk into your space. We all know that sitting is killing you, and the negative affects of being sedentary at your workplace. Many wonder though whether using a treadmill desk detracts from productivity. According to Brigham Young researchers: any productivity differences between sitting and walking are insignificant.

According to this study, “[p]eople on treadmill desks perform cognitive tasks nearly as well as those sitting at desks, despite the fact that they are walking.” The modest differences while sitting compared to walking are insignificant when looking at the health benefits that treadmill desks promote. Prior research also found that treadmill desks “not only improve people’s attention to a task, but also improves the ability to recall things better about the task shortly after.”

Most people remember their first time using a treadmill desk fondly. The initial wariness has disappeared and a comfort level has set in. Even the researchers in the study above have added treadmill desks to their daily work routines after their results were finalized!

Want to learn more about the productivity benefits of treadmill desk? Get a copy of Rebel Desk’s whitepaper on the subject HERE!

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