New Research Finds Treadmill Desks Can Boost Work Performance

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One of the most common questions that we are asked is: “Will I be able to concentrate on a treadmill desk?” People understandably have concerns that they will be distracted by walking and unable to focus on their work. Fortunately, walking at a treadmill desk not only leaves you feeling better after a long day of work, it also can help you be more focused and productive. Rebel Desk users agree, and now a new study provides more evidence that walking can help boost workplace performance.

A Canadian study found that treadmill desks “not only improve people’s attention to a task, but also improves the ability to recall things better about the task shortly after.” The study tested two separate groups: one whose participants walked on a treadmill at 1.4 miles per hour and another whose participants sat in a chair. The researchers gave each group the same amount of content to look over and then quizzed the participants after they finished.

What the study found was that those who walked at the treadmill desks performed 35% better on a true/false quiz. The walking group also said that they felt that they paid more attention during the task. Additionally, an EEG of the walking participants showed that they had more brain activity associated with memory and attention during that time.

This research confirms what Rebel Desk users already have experienced: using a walking desk can help you concentrate and focus. In a world filled with distractions, this study shows why treadmill desks can be a game changer. We all want to be alert, focused, and productive on the job. So why not make the switch to a treadmill desk and see how it can change your life!

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