My First Days at a Standing Desk

Joanna from Rebel Desk here, wanting to give everyone a little background on me and how I made my way to this awesome, revolutionary company we know as Rebel Desk. I lived in sunny South Florida for over 10 years when my husband-to-be and I made the decision to move to Washington D.C. for the city life, seasons, and opportunities! I quickly started– and then stopped– my job search when I set my eyes on a job with Rebel Desk. “I love standing while working,” I thought. “This job is MADE for me!”

Joanna on Treadmill Desk

My standing desk at my previous job in Florida became an integral part of my lifestyle at work. Right out of college, it pained me to sit all day. I thought, why does everyone want a desk job so much? I felt restless, distracted, and my back hurt sitting from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. My coffee breaks became something to look forward to, and I didn’t even like coffee that much! When my company offered to get all of their employees standing desk options, I jumped at the thought of it!

My standing desk arrived, as well as eight other adjustable height desks for my co-workers. I thought, I could do this all day! Eventually, I had a standing routine going. Start my day standing and working. Enjoy a nice lunch break sitting, and resume standing until around 3:00PM, when my legs needed a break. My other coworkers had different desk routines; some liked sitting in the morning, some switched back and forth depending on what their body told them.

If I could have recommended one thing though, it would be to get an anti-fatigue mat. Having that mat could make a huge difference in the length of time you could stand and work. Another recommendation I found is if you’re a two computer screen worker, you’ll most likely want a real adjustable height desk solution, like the Rebel Crank Up 1000, as it could be a challenge if you have your laptop propped up while you’re standing, and your other monitor at sitting level. Your neck will thank you for it later!

I struggled with the thought that I would have to find a new desk job in D.C., and go back to my old sitting ways. When I discovered Rebel Desk, I knew I found the right company for me.They not only feel the same way as I do about standing while working, they’ve also introduced some really good looking standing desk options to the market. Their treadmills are just icing on the cake! My old Florida coworkers/friends love their standing desks, and have now added Rebel Desk treadmills to their routine!

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