Making the Transition to a Standing Desk

Editors at the magazine Women’s Health recently blogged about making the transition to a standing desk.

The final verdict:

“I was totally wiped after my first few days of standing at work. But as I got into it—and over my initial embarrassment—I became a total convert. My shoulder and back pain have nearly disappeared (truly!), and I no longer feel catatonic around 3 p.m. I eat less during the day (it’s harder to snack while standing) and have lost almost five pounds (huzzah!).”

It is not hyperbole – standing desks will change your life. But the blog post also brings up some important points about making the transition to a standing desk.

First, it is best to ease into a standing desk rather than to suddenly start standing for as long as possible. If your body has been used to sitting at a desk for years, initially it can be tough to spend the day on your feet, even if you are in shape. Although the folks at Womens Health did not try one, using a treadmill at your desk can ease the transition away from sitting.

Second, you need to think about what shoes you are wearing to the office once you start using a standing or walking desk. You don’t have to wear tennis shoes but you also don’t want to walk or stand all day in Jimmy Choo pumps. If you need to wear heels (they just go so well with your outfit), you can keep a pair of flats under your desk to slip on while walking or standing. In fact, having a pair of shoes that you wear only when walking on your under-the-desk treadmill is a great way to keep the treadmill belt clean.

You do not have to trade comfort for style though. More posts to come on shoes that work with standing and treadmill desks and don’t sacrifice fashion!

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