Keys to Building a Successful Team in Your Office

Workplace experience for employees today is just as important as commute time or even salary requirements. Enjoying your job, having a good morale every day, and team members that you enjoy working with can be an integral part of a successful business. Having a great office environment can be an essential recruiting tool when you’re looking to grow your company. Here’s a few things you can do to build and nurture an office environment where everyone is happy, creative, and motivated.

1. Show Them You Care- Celebrate an employees birthday with a small cake celebration. Have a quarterly team meeting to discuss projects and successes, and acknowledge those who contributed to those successes. A monthly lunch outing or in-office catering can be an exciting break in a very busy day. Enjoying holidays with office potlucks can be a fun way for everyone to show off their cooking talents!

D15-SavorLife pot luck

2. Incentives- Have the entire office working under a big project deadline? Surprise them at the end of that deadline with a long weekend holiday, or closing the office early. Does your business have a slow season? Giving employees a day off of their choosing to do whatever they would like would be a great way to get through the slow season. How about a day of pampering for all the hard work everyone has done? Bringing in a yoga instructor, or corporate chair massages can be a fun way to relieve some stress during a busy week.


3. New Ways To Work-  Look around your office at 3:00PM. You’ll probably see some glazed over expressions, people slouched in chairs, and the occasional hands are being stretched in the air to get comfortable for the remaining few hours of the work day. Working at a desk all day can be exhausting. If you have a gym nearby, or a park around the corner, your employees might be interested in opting into a fitness tracker competition. Supplying employees with a FitBit or similar wearable might be a fun way to get your employees moving on their breaks and stay energized through the day. If you don’t have a gym or walking option near you, setting up walking desk workstations employees could share might be a way to get in those steps. Even without the competition, employees will be healthier, happier, and more creative using a treadmill desk!

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