How to Get Your Entire Office on a Health Kick

track runner at starting line

Companies big and small have been offering health perks to their employees for quite a while. Building access to a gym you can use during your lunch break or discounts at healthy eateries tend to be the standard. Lately, companies have started to think more broadly about how to get their employees access to even more health benefits. With their employees spending more time sitting in their chairs, commute times continuing to increase, and workload stress being higher than ever, work health perks have never been more necessary.

Here are some fun ideas companies that have started to use to get employees up and moving!

1. Local charity runs – Let employees sign up as a team to run or walk a 5K together. Although most of these races are held on the weekend, some start right after the end of the work day. Raising some money for a local charitable cause will make everyone excited to participate. A month or two prior to the run, encourage employees to practice a few days a week during the work day. The outdoor break will be great at getting their creative juices flowing and increase productivity when they typically start to burn out. They might even use that time as a walking meeting!

2. Bring the gym class to the office – Contact a local gym and yoga studio and you might find that they offer classes inside office spaces. Yoga and pilates might be just the thing your employees need to clear their minds while stretching their bodies. Zumba might be a little too adventurous for an in office class mid-day, but could work towards the end of the day!

3. Encourage healthy competitionTreadmill desks have been incorporated into many offices, and fitness trackers are being handed out frequently to encourage their use. Motivating your employees with healthy competition will give even the most resistant to exercise employees a reason to start moving more. You’ll be surprised how many people choose to participate when a prize is included.

Companies that have encouraged their employees to live an improved work lifestyle will find that not only are their employees healthier, but also more motivated, energized, and productive. Including exciting and refreshing activities will not only keep employees engaged, but the increased moral will increase employee retention and recruit top talent to help companies grow and prosper.

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