How To Balance Family Time & Exercise During The Holidays


Our busiest time of the year for travel, family, and friends is upon us. Will you be jumping on a cross-country flight to have Thanksgiving Dinner at your Aunt Sally’s, or packing up the family and driving 8 hours to your cousins for a holiday reunion? If so, you’ll  be thinking about all that delicious food and great memories you’ll be enjoying to make up for the amount of back and forth there is during traffic and flight delays.

With the excitement that comes with travel and preparation, there also comes a level of exhaustion. The last thing you might be thinking about is exercise during your time away. But here’s some helpful tips on keeping your energy levels high, your calorie levels low, and your body moving, even if your grandpa’s comfy rocking chair keeps calling your name.

1 – Join your local Turkey Trot, and get everyone to participate

The best part of Thanksgiving is being able to spend time with family you might not get to see very often. Some of the best childhood memories start with a story about the time your apple pie baking competition turned into a complete bust, but was still so much fun. A perfect way to commemorate and start a new tradition is with a local Turkey Trot. Waking up early in the crispness of Autumn to go for a family run may not be everyone’s first choice, but people across the county have added it to their lineup of fun activities to start their Thanksgiving morning. Not only will you feel energized, but walking into a warm and cozy home afterwards will feel awesome.

2 – Play with the kids, they’re a lot more fun than hanging out in the kitchen

Sometimes it seems as if kids have never-ending energy and endless amounts of imagination. While drinking cider and watching football may be wonderful, listening to your great uncle talk about politics for 5 hours may not be. Take a break and see what the kids are up to. Start up a flag football or soccer game, or have an impromptu hide-and-seek game outside. You’ll never be able to keep up with them, but getting in a bit of extra vigor and laughs only children can induce is an amazing feeling. Plus, you’ll always be known as the “cool grown up.”

3 – Get everyone in on a game

If you’re stuffed even fatter than the turkey on the dining room table after a hardy Thanksgiving meal, try to stand up and move around for a bit instead of collapsing from a food coma. A good way to keep up the energy in the house would be to start a fun game of Heads Up or Charades. Grandma will beat everyone as always, but all participants will get a second wind after filling themselves up with sweet potato and corn bread.

Everyone will thank you for keeping up the energy levels and exercise up in a house full of tired and food stuffed travelers. Keeping things lighthearted and playful will encourage everyone to really enjoy themselves and let their guards down for a few days of memories, laughs, and so much more. You may have enjoyed it so much, you would even consider hosting Thanksgiving next year!

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