How Much Do Treadmill Desks Cost?

You might have wondered how much treadmill desks really cost. Many people assume they cost thousands of dollars. We’re not sure where the notion of  treadmill desks costing an arm and a leg came from. It might be from the early Sunday morning infomercials selling gym equipment at the low price of $150 a month for the next 6 years. Or it might be that you figured a new and innovative way to work should just cost more for the luxury. We’re here to dispel those rumors so you can turn that cost-sensitive fear of owning a treadmill desk instead into a reality without having to dip into your savings.

Quality does not equal high cost, at least in regards to treadmill bases. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has the quality and durability of a top-of-the-line walking treadmill. With a highly rated motor, there’s no need to worry about the daily usage maxing out the treadmill motor. As long as you do basic maintenance with lubrication every few months, you’ll keep your treadmill running for many happy years in the office. The best part about the Rebel Treadmill 1000? At $699 with free shipping, and a fabulous warranty, that’s the perfect price point for adding life-changing, healthy habits to your work routine.

Looking for an entire treadmill desk solution but don’t want to break the bank? Our Rebel Up 2000 starts at $499 with free shipping and the quality and durability that you’re looking for in an office desk. Easily crank up and down your desk when you’re looking to stand, walk or sit. That’s a whole treadmill desk for $1,198, which works out to just a few dollars a day.

Think about how much you spend on lattes, a gym membership that you don’t really use, or a wearable device that’s sitting on the dresser. Take that money and invest in a product that can make a difference in not just your health, but energy and productivity, too.

Forget about having to invest your entire budget into your office furniture. Have plenty of money left to save or spend on healthy lunch options! Treadmill desks can and should be affordable and accessible to the average office worker. Keeping the cost of a treadmill desk down, while making sure the quality stands the test of time is important, and Rebel Desk helps you do just that.

Joanna Stark

Director of Marketing

Joanna has been a part of the Rebel Desk team from the very beginning! She contributes regularly on the Rebel Desk blog and enjoys sharing her experiences with walking and working. You can reach her at

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